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If you haven’t cast your vote and signed the petition for The Pixel Project’s Voters’ Choice Celebrity Male Role Model campaign, you now have a little bit more time!


Momentum is really building now. Our campaign is being featured on blogs, fan sites and Facebook pages and mentioned in tweets. There is an upswing in votes, and the gap between our original leader (Alexander Skarsgard) and his two closest competitors (Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal) is closing fast! With so much movement in the standings and so much chatter about the campaign, we decided it wouldn’t be right to shut it down now.


So we have added two weeks to the campaign, bringing it to six weeks altogether. The campaign will now close on 12pm Eastern Standard Time, 30 June 2010.


With the campaign extended, everyone will now get a chance to vote for one of our five fabulous nominees. For those of you who have voted but not signed the petition, here’s your chance to add your signature to the petition.


Remember: both voting and signing the petition is equally important because while your vote will get your choice of Male Role Model nominee selected, the petition will be sent directly to the winning nominees so we need as many signatures as possible to get their attention.


For those who are new to the campaign, voting and signing is easy to do:


Just go to our voting page at http://bit.ly/PixelVote and follow Step 1 to vote and Step 2 to sign the petition for your favourite actor. If you use Twitter, Facebook or have a blog, you can also follow Step 3 to help us spread the word!

Thanks so much to everyone who has participated to date. Let’s keep those votes and signatures coming!

Dear Jake Gyllenhaal fans:


Greetings from The Pixel Project (http://www.thepixelproject.net)! We are a global volunteer-led 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organisation working to end Violence Against Women worldwide.


The Pixel Project is currently working to raise US$1 million in aid of the USA’s National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (http://www.ncadv.org) and Malaysia’s Women’s Aid Organisation (http://www.wao.org.my) via our online fundraiser in which a 1-million pixel mystery collage of 4 to 6 globally known Celebrity Male Role Models will be unveiled as donors “buy” each pixel for US$1.00.


As part of our efforts to recruit appropriate Celebrity Male Role Models from all walks of life, The Pixel Project team is pleased to announce that Jake Gyllenhaal is now one of our 5 superstar nominees for our first ever Voters’ Choice Celebrity Male Role Model!


Fans and supporters get to vote online to choose the actor that we will invite to join our A-list line-up which currently includes Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winners.


The top two nominees with the most votes will be presented with the voting results. Each will also be invited to donate JUST 45 MINUTES of his time to have his picture taken for the collage and to join the global community in saying “It’s time to stop Violence Against Women. Together.”


The superstar who says “yes” to our invitation will be revealed through the Pixel Reveal fundraiser which will be launched in the second half of 2010.


Team Jake would like to invite you to become a Team Jake Ambassador to help us energise Jake Gyllenhaal fans to vote for Jake Gyllenhaal in the Voters’ Choice Celebrity Male Role Model Poll and Petition. Fans can key in their votes and sign the online petition here: http://bit.ly/PixelVote


The campaign runs from 17 May 2010 – 17 June 2010 so we have a limited time to round up as many votes and petition signatures as possible to ensure that Jake Gyllenhaal is one of the top two nominees to be invited to join our campaign.


Should Jake Gyllenhaal make the top two, we cannot promise that he will say “yes” when we present him with the poll and petition results and our invitation. However, with your help we’re hoping the support and power of Jake Gyllenhaal fans will encourage his acceptance of the invitation.


With warm regards,

On behalf of the Pixel Project team



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